Caring for your carpet – The Basics

Carpets and area rugs by Amrita Carpets and Crafts add class and character to your rooms and are worthy investments into your home; therefore they need tender care and regular cleaning for them to keep their original sheen and richness over the years. Good maintenance techniques, when implemented regularly, can significantly enhance the life of your carpets and rugs.

At Amrita Carpets and Crafts we believe that caring for your carpet essentially involves four stages, these are:

1.    Preventive Measures
2.    Vacuum
3.    Removing Spills and Spots
4.    Deep Cleaning 



1.  Preventive measures

(a)  Walk-off mats perform the function of absorbing extra dirt, soil, moisture, and sand etc so that these do not then get embedded into your carpets and rugs. They significantly reduce the amount of external pollutants that may come into contact with your carpets and cause them harm.

(b)  Quality pads are great ways to protect your carpet in fact if you are using the carpet on stairs then a good quality pad is essential.

(c)  Heavy furniture can cause pile crushing of the carpet. Make sure that every once in a while you move around your heavy furniture and also use floor protectors under the legs of tables, chairs and sofas so that the weight of the furniture is evenly distributed on the carpet causing it less harm. When moving heavy items make sure you do it over barriers between the carpet and the furniture such as thick cardboards or plywood in order to avoid damage to the carpet.

(d)  When you use area rugs over wall –to-wall carpets it is important to make sure that these rugs are cleaned regularly. Also make sure that they do not run color on to the carpet below by checking their color fastness.

(e)   Keep your carpets safe from excess sun damage with the help of heavy drapes, awnings, blinds etc.

2. Vacuum
The most important aspect of carpet care is vacuuming especially if you have your carpet facing the brunt of a high traffic area. This is mainly because when dirt gets walked on regularly it slips in deeper and eventually gets embedded in the carpet fibers and is far more difficult to remove from there. Vacuuming your carpet in high traffic area daily and low traffic area a couple of times a week should take care of extra dirt and keep your carpet clean and healthy.

3. Removing Spills and Spots
Carpets can never be absolutely stain proof but treatments can be done to the carpets in order for them to be resilient to stains and spills. In the event that you have a stain or spill you need to clean the surface immediately and make sure that there is no residue left on the carpet. Call in professional cleaning services if need be to treat colour stains that may be tricky to remove.

4. Overall cleaning:
Get an overall cleaning system for your carpets that will thoroughly take care of soils that affect the color of your carpets. Dull and fading carpets are the result of a film that forms over the carpets from cooking vapours, air pollution and oily soil particles. A good cleaning system will remove this film so that your carpets remain bright and beautiful.